5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Winter IAQ

Five ways to keep a healthy IAQ

Winter is here, and so is the time for cold and flu. Is your indoor air quality safe enough for your long indoor break? Ensuring that your IAQ is as healthy as possible is the best way to keep you safe from the health issues in the long winter months. Consider these tips from our professionals at Webb Air Conditioning and enjoy a healthy holidays inside your Fort Worth, TX home:

  1. Bring in houseplants

Houseplants are the safest way to purify the air. Bring them inside to help absorb carbon dioxide and give your home an additional amount of fresh oxygen for your consumption. There are different types of indoor plants, and some of them can even absorb air pollutants, thus reducing the level of air contamination in your living space.

  • Invest in a whole-home purifier

A whole-home purifier works hand-in-hand with your HVAC system by filtering the air before it reaches your home. It removes allergens and pollutants to improve your indoor air quality. If a whole-home purifier cannot be installed in your home, you can try installing individual units in the rooms or in the areas where they are needed most. 

  • Keep proper ventilation

Newer homes have poorer indoor air quality because of solid insulation. This can help in boosting the efficiency of your heating systems, but it can make your indoor air quality suffer. If the weather permits, try removing stale indoor air and letting in fresh ones by opening a window or two. You can also use the kitchen or bathroom vents but be sure to use them only if needed for they can pull out the warm air.

  • Replace air filters regularly

The air filters act as your first line of defense and should be kept clean all the time, especially in the winter season. If the filter is filled with dirt, you will be at risk of health-related issues like allergies and respiratory illnesses. Air filter replacement or cleaning should be done every three months or as suggested in the manufacturer’s manual.

  • Eliminate dust

You can also do your part in keeping a healthy indoor air quality in your home. Have a regular dusting and vacuum cleaning schedule at least twice a week. This is helpful to eliminate dust and dirt in the air.

Don’t let poor indoor air quality ruin your holidays! If you need professional help in keeping a healthy IAQ this season, feel free to contact our experts at Webb Air Conditioning!