The cost of having a comfortable indoor atmosphere in the summer is significant, and if your air conditioning unit is not performing well, the cost might double or triple every month. Save your bank from this chaos by having a professional maintenance service in the spring season. Here are the crucial tasks to complete: Change

Space heaters are effective sources of supplementary heat, but they have a very bad reputation as fire hazards. Follow these tips from the National Fire Protection Association to reduce the chances of space heater-rated issues and injury in your home. Follow 3-ft Rule Keep combustible materials such as beddings, curtains, and furniture, at least 3

Since your heating and cooling system runs day and night throughout the year, expect that it won’t last a lifetime (well, nothing really last a lifetime). But still, you can do something to extend the life of your unit and relieve yourself from the chaos of early system replacement. Do you want to know how?

At Webb Air Conditioning, we love furnaces! They provide us with the best comfort so we can sleep peacefully and play comfortably inside our home in the long cold months. Aside from that, furnaces are an interesting subject. If you think you know everything about it, wait until you learn these ten furnace facts that

The first thermostat was invented in 1886, but it was just in the 1940’s that people began to use thermostats in their homes. This means that people during those days regulated the temperature by trucking down to the basement or where the furnace was located and manually adjust its performance by stoking coal, adjusting the

Is there an exact thermostat setting that suits best in the winter season? Actually, there’s none. Comfort demands vary from one person to another based on their lifestyle and preferences. But when homeowners in Fort Worth, TX ask us about how to save energy this winter season, we have just the right thermostat setting recommendation

Winter is here, and so is the time for cold and flu. Is your indoor air quality safe enough for your long indoor break? Ensuring that your IAQ is as healthy as possible is the best way to keep you safe from the health issues in the long winter months. Consider these tips from our

Weird odors are among the most reported HVAC issues in Fort Worth, TX and nearby towns. When you notice odd smells whenever you run your heating system, the best thing to do is get help from your local HVAC experts for complete and professional diagnosis. Do you know what probably causes these odors? Read on

Among the crucial components of your HVAC system is the air filter. It serves as your lung’s first line of defense against dust, dirt and air contaminants in your indoor air. These trapped particles, however, clog the filter over time and make it nearly impossible for the fresh air to pass through. If neglected, a