Energy-Saving Thermostat Setting Tips for Winter

Energy-Saving Thermostat Setting Tips for Winter

Is there an exact thermostat setting that suits best in the winter season? Actually, there’s none. Comfort demands vary from one person to another based on their lifestyle and preferences. But when homeowners in Fort Worth, TX ask us about how to save energy this winter season, we have just the right thermostat setting recommendation for you!

Recommended Thermostat Setting this Winter

  • Daytime. The Energy Star recommends you set your temperature between 68 and 72 degrees during the day. This temperature range will give your home just the right comfort, not too hot and not too cold. Maintaining this setting can give you as much as 10% savings on your annual heating bill.
  • Night time. You can use the comfort of your thick blankets and comforters when you are in a deep sleep, so why set the temperature too high? To save some bucks on your energy consumption at night or even when you are away from home, set the temperature between 58 to 62 degrees.

Reports say that turning your thermostat setting at least 10-15 degrees lower for 8 hours per day can save you big time on your energy consumption this winter. And aside from relying on these numbers, we can give you additional tips to meet your energy-saving goal:

Programmable Thermostat

You can get a lot of benefits using a programmable thermostat. From easy manipulation to automatic adjustment, you do not have to worry if you forgot to modify the setting before you leave for work. It does the job for you. One important consideration when using a programmable thermostat is your daily or weekly schedule. Know your routines especially the time of the day when your home is vacant. Keep the thermostat in the energy-saving mode and enjoy great savings all year-round.

Take It From Our Experts At Webb Air Conditioning!

  • Wear thick clothes, jackets, and socks. If your feet are cold, your entire body gets cold too.
  • Check and seal drafts and holes. Improve your home’s insulation if needed.
  • If you have not done it yet, schedule a maintenance service for your heating units.
  • Familiarize your body with the cold weather and set the temperature 1 degree lower every week.  

Leave your comfort to our professional hands. If you experience heating issues anytime this winter, feel free to give us a call at Webb Air Conditioning. We have just the right solution for all your HVAC needs, be it installation, repair or professional fine-tuning.