How to Tell If You Have an Oversized Air Conditioner

How to Tell If You Have an Oversized Air Conditioner

Indeed, some things are better when bigger, but not with your air conditioner. Depending on the cooling demands of your home, you can purchase and install a large A/C unit if advised by your HVAC contractor.

Getting the right size cooling system is necessary to meet your home’s cooling needs. Unfortunately, some homeowners are caught in the dilemma thinking whether they have an oversized or undersized A/C unit installed.

But, how will you know if your air conditioner is too big for your home?

Take note of these signs of an oversized A/C unit.

  • Short Cycling

Got an air conditioner that turns on and off now and then? An A/C unit that kicks on only for a few minutes then stops all of a sudden only means one thing: your cooling system works inefficiently. Short cycling happens when the refrigerant cycles are interrupted.

An average air conditioning unit takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete the cooling cycle. But for oversized A/C units, the cycle can run for 8 to 10 minutes only. Large air conditioners can quickly cool your space but will not properly cool the entire home, leaving some areas with warm temperatures.

  • Uneven Temperature

A/C units that are too big for your space can cause temperature inconsistencies. Even large air conditioners may struggle with keeping the desired temperature in your home. You will notice that some rooms are not as cool as the other rooms.

  • Increased Utility Bills

When your A/C unit constantly goes on and off due to short cycling, your electric bills are surely in danger. If you noticed a sudden increase in your energy bill, your oversized air conditioner could be blamed. You can confirm it by checking your previous electric bills and compare them to your current bills.

  • Mold Buildup and High Indoor Humidity

The growth of mold and high indoor humidity go hand in hand. Apparently, they are results of getting the wrong size of air conditioner. It should take 20 to 30 minutes of cycling period to dehumidify the air indoors. But because your cooling unit is oversized, it will not be able to eliminate the water vapor completely, causing mold to form on ceilings, wall and other parts of the house.

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