Spring Maintenance Tasks for your A/C Units

The cost of having a comfortable indoor atmosphere in the summer is significant, and if your air conditioning unit is not performing well, the cost might double or triple every month. Save your bank from this chaos by having a professional maintenance service in the spring season. Here are the crucial tasks to complete:

  • Change the Filter

A clean HVAC filter play a vital role in keeping a healthy indoor environment. It can reduce your energy bill by up to 15%. Depending on the filter you have, you may need to replace it or take it off every month for a thorough cleaning.

  • Clean the Drainage Hole

The drainage hole is a crucial component that keeps the efficient operation of your air conditioning system. It is usually located beneath the evaporator fins and should be kept clean at all times. Since the hole is too small, you can use a paper clip or small pieces of wire works to clean the area manually.

  • Remove Obstruction Around the Outer Unit

Although located outside, the condenser unit plays a role as important as the indoor components of your A/C. Before running the unit for the first time, be sure to clear loose vegetation and any debris trapped, around your outdoor unit. The clear zone allows your unit to take in the much needed air for its operation.

  • Invest in a Smart Thermostat

If you are still using your old, out-dated and manually operated thermostat, you are missing so much savings. Investing in a smart thermostat will give you great benefits including but not limited to easy programming, helpful notifications, and energy savings.

  • Clean the Ducts

Be sure you have clean and well-insulated ducts before the heat wave steps in. Dirty ducts blow dirty air in your home. Poor insulation allows conditioned air to escape and cause your energy bill to rise. You don’t want to experience any of these, right? So have your duct serviced in spring!

  • Schedule a Professional Tune-Up

Even if you accomplished the tasks yourself, it still pays off to bring the experts in and do a thorough inspection of your unit. Only a professional service can give you peace of mind and assurance that your unit is ready for the summer challenge.

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