Top 7 Summer Energy-Saving Tips

Top 7 Summer Energy-Saving Tips

Surely, we all want to save money. But, when energy bills are skyrocketing, it is quite impossible to take a plunge on comfort without sacrificing some amount. These warm and humid days of summer, you should learn simple yet effective efforts in reducing your energy usage.

Here are the top seven energy-saving tips perfect for summer without breaking your bank account.

#7: Reinforce Insulation

Wondering why you have high electric bills? Have you checked your home’s insulation? Beware, because even the smallest crack or gap on the wall or ceiling can have a great effect on your energy consumption. Hot outdoor air may infiltrate your space through those cracks, making it harder for your HVAC system to keep you comfortable. Thus, it will consume more energy in the process. Be sure to reinforce the insulation and seal the cracks.

#6: Add Green Landscape

Take some time with nature and plant some trees or shrubs for shading. How does it help saving energy? By keeping your home shaded and allowing fresh air to enter the house, you can cut your cooling costs down to 15%. Surround your house with trees and other green starting today.

#5: Use Window Treatments

Want some cool, fresh air but do not want to turn on your A/C unit? Your windows can help you with this. Use blinds, drapes or light-colored shades for your windows to block heat gain and the harmful sun’s rays. Keep them close in the daytime and open them at night.

#4: Schedule a System Maintenance

Have you checked your HVAC system recently? If you haven’t done so, then call your trusted service provider for inspection and preventive maintenance. Doing this keeps your system working efficiently while having your energy bills on check.

#3: Use Ceiling Fans

One of the best ways to save energy this summer is to limit the use of air conditioning units. Use your ceiling fans instead. It can help you feel cool up to four degrees while saving energy. Ceiling fans work best when placed in wide, open spaces like the living room.

#2: Deactivate Unused Appliances

Deactivate also means unplug. You can turn off or unplug any appliances or electrical devices when not in use. Some of them may be useless for the warm weather so, better keep them unplugged for a while. Run them when it is their time to shine.

#1: Set the Thermostat to High Temperature

It is next to impossible to survive the summer months without running your air conditioner. But considering your energy-saving goals, you can still run your cooling unit to its fullest. Simply adjust the thermostat to 76 degrees then you can save around 15 to 20% of your energy bill.

Are you looking for more ways to save energy while staying comfortable this summer? Check us out for more tips from the pros at Webb Air Conditioning. Call us today!