What Goes Wrong When You Have Clogged Air Filters?

What Goes Wrong When You Have Clogged Air Filters?

For most homeowners in Fort Worth, TX, cleaning and replacing air filters is a chore that is easily forgotten and ignored every day. Air filters are inexpensive HVAC components but can have a serious effect on your system if not well taken care of.

Here are the things that can go wrong with clogged air filters.

Indoor Air is Compromised

With dirty and clogged air filters, you will be deprived of quality indoor air. As unhealthy air continues to circulate in your home, you and your family are at risk of chronic respiratory illnesses and other health issues. Be sure to keep an eye on your filters to know their condition. If you spend most of the day indoors, it is necessary to get a filter cleaning or replacement service.

Inadequate Heating or Cooling

Clogging of air filters stresses the blower fan in carrying the air through the ducts and the system as a whole. The stockpile of dirt and debris restricts airflow and that’s why you are experiencing both hot and cold spots at home. If the filters are not cleaned, it would be difficult for your HVAC system to achieve your desired indoor temperature.

Your Energy Usage Intensifies

If filters are blocked, it is not just your health and system that suffer. When airflow is constrained due to dirt buildup in the filter, your system has to work double or even triple to reach your home’s comfort needs. The length of time that your unit spends to cool or heat your home equates to your energy consumption. Thus, the longer it works, the more energy is used. So do not be surprised when you received a high monthly bill.

System Failure

The costliest outcome of dirty air filters may be system breakdown. Clogged filters can cause your heating or cooling unit to stop depending on the extent of the damage. Overworked motor and blower fan can cause your system to fail entirely, which can cost thousands of dollars for both inspection and repair.

Air Filter Cleaning, Replacement and Maintenance in Fort Worth, TX

Does a well-maintained filter really matter? Definitely! A clean air filter protects your family from serious health issues and your system from damage and unexpected breakdown. The simplest solution to avoid these problems is to schedule a regular cleaning or replacement service on your air filters.

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