What Happens When You Skip Furnace Filter Replacement?

What Happens When You Skip Furnace Filter Replacement?

Among the crucial components of your HVAC system is the air filter. It serves as your lung’s first line of defense against dust, dirt and air contaminants in your indoor air. These trapped particles, however, clog the filter over time and make it nearly impossible for the fresh air to pass through. If neglected, a clogged furnace filter can bring havoc to your unit and comfort these cold months.

Check out what could happen if you fail to comply with your regular furnace filter cleaning and replacement:

  • Restricted Air Flow

Regular maintenance is important for furnace filters to get rid of the trapped dust, dirt and air contaminants. If your unit operates with a filter filled with these trapped particles, you will surely experience a constrained airflow which can lead to many other issues in your unit.

  • Uneven Temperature

A clogged furnace filter is among the most common reasons why you experience hot and cold spots in your home. Since airflow is restricted due to the accumulated particles in the filter, some of the areas in your home are no longer provided with heated air. Uneven temperature can give you great discomfort so be sure to clean or replace your filters before the cold spell.

  • High Energy Bill

A dirty furnace filter adds strain to your unit. To meet the comfort demands of your home, it needs to work harder and longer than its normal operation. As a result, you will notice a significant increase in your energy usage as compared to the time when you have a brand new and clean furnace filter installed.

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your unit works with a dirty filter, it is most likely to blow contaminated air in your home, thus increasing the chances of respiratory illnesses and allergies. If anyone from your family has severe asthma or allergies, keeping the furnace filters clean should be your monthly priority.

  • Wear and Tear

A clogged furnace filter has a serious effect on the components of your furnace. If you neglect furnace filter maintenance, you might find your unit in need of expensive repairs or worse, early replacement due to faulty components.

Replacing furnace filters is actually an easy task that you can do yourself. Be sure to schedule a regular furnace replacement or cleaning to prevent any of the situations mentioned above. If you need a complete system maintenance service (including filter replacement), feel free to talk to our experts at Webb Air Conditioning. Call us now!